Energy and Infrastructure

We apply our expertise and knowledge in systems, applications, networks, software, hardware and middleware to meet our customers’ integration needs and enable them to develop value-added services on their infrastructure.

System Integration

Communicating business systems between them, both operation systems and management systems: SCADAs, ERPs, databases, GIS systems, helpdesk systems, authentication platforms, etc.

• We use the APIs and SDKs that hardware and software manufacturers offer to exchange information with their equipment and systems.

• We implement integration architectures based on enterprise buses, SOAP, messaging systems, etc.

• We integrate communications gateways: email, SMS, pager, PTT, VoIP.

Development and implementation of Operation Support Systems

Such as service provision solutions on communications networks, Inventory management solutions or IT orchestration solutions.

• We develop workflow systems for business management, which integrate with corporate business systems.

• We develop mobile tools for field technicians, facilitating maintenance.

• Helpdesk and incident management systems development and implementation.

• We also deploy and maintain telecommunications asset monitoring systems for IP, SDH/PDH or Radio networks.

User authentication and authorization solutions

We deploy RADIUS and TACACS+ solutions for access to large, medium, and small communications networks. We also implement Directory Services (LDAP, Active Directory).

• Autentication and Autorization solutions.

• Active Directory and DNS deployment.

• LDAP directory clusters.

• Syslog accounting.

Evolutionary development and maintenance of software developed by third parties

For customers who use software developed by a company with which they can no longer or want to work, or for customers who have developed an application and want to professionalize it. Baitic takes over the support of that software, guaranteeing at all times that there is a team prepared for the attention of incidents and the evolutionary development of it.

• Evolution of legacy software.

• Refactorization of code.

• Operation and Maintenance of legacy software platforms.

• Legacy software integration.

Managed Services

Baitic provides critical system operation and maintenance services to customers who do not have the resources to manage those systems or who prefer those systems to be managed by specialized staff.

• For this purpose, Baitic has a team of professionals that provides 24×7 operating and technical support services, attending its customers to ensure the availability of its services.

• For example: Database Clusters Maintenance Services (ORACLE Clusters and MICROSOFT SQL SERVER Clusters).

Specialized Services

We have a wide range of services, many of them transversal, and others specifically designed for your sector or type of company.

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