We help our customers integrate their IT and OT resources more efficiently. And we develop value-added services and applications that increase productivity and improve the OEEs (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and KPIs of your equipment and processes.

System Integration

• We implement solutions for integration of industrial systems with business management systems.

• We automate repetitive user tasks automatization in legacy applications.

• Virtualization, communication gateways, integration of proprietary protocols.

Software Development

• Billing, energy management and business management applications.

• Mobile application development for asset management, incidents, access control, etc.

Monitoring and control

• We develop and implement SCADA systems.

• PLC configuration management solutions.

• We provide remote management of production lines solutions.

• Energy and water meters remote and telemetry solutions.

Industry 4.0

We deploy concrete solutions that Industry 4.0 proposes to the industrial sector:

• Legacy application maintenance.

• Network audits.

• Cybersecurity diagnostics.

• Asset inventory solutions.

• Industrial networks Segmentation.

• Advanced Wi-Fi networks deployment.

IoT Solutions

Do you want to enrich your business model by providing connectivity and remote management to your products or services? We can help you: we determine the most appropriate IoT solution and accompany you during concept testing and solution deployment.

Specialized Services

We have a wide range of services, many of them transversal, and others specifically designed for your sector or type of company.

Contact us

We collaborate with you to discover the potential that new technologies can bring to your business.


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