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IT/OT Network Management

The main target of PLOTIR (in spanish Real Time Operation Platform for Network Infraestructures) is providing an uncut and real-time vision of an organization's operational equipment and networking assets of it's communications infraestructure, allowing to control both network complexity and costs related to the integration of several technologies and propietary solutions.

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This platform is specially focused to those organizations who need to monitor a high number of actives which communicates over a complex communications network.

  • Scalable and modular architecture.
  • Interoperability with corporative systems.
  • Dashboard with KPIs of plant IT/OT elements.
  • Advanced capacities in Auditing, Performance and Security.
  • Storage in datawarehouse.
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Local or Remote Management

The PLOTIR platform can be installed at the own network, in servers dedicated to this purpose.

It is offered as well as a cloud service, for clients who have no staff in charge of the network management. If that is the case, it will be required the development of some equipments that perform as satellites or gateways and which stand at the border of the cloud; to guarantee the real-time processing and secure communications at the client environment.


Productivity and Efficiency

Services 1

Easier Network Management

Improves productivity and efficiency of personnel responsible for maintaining the network . It facilitates disaster recovery. It makes it easier to detect incidents. Sets the needs of network evolution ( patched firmware update, ... ).

Services 2

Asset Management

Automatic storage of communications equipment configuration. Configuration chanes mangement and control. Automatic inventory. Network event or alarm detection.

Services 3

Customized reports

Lifecycle management of network assets from the point of view of users of the organization, presenting the different indicators according to the needs of different profiles.

Practical use cases

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  • Reliability

    Plotir kernel manages daily the inventory of more than 60,000 communications equipment..

  • Multivendor

    PLOTIR manages each day the inventory of over 40 different models of equipment.


    The new version of PLOTIR will integrate a database developed for the treatment of BIG DATA..

  • TTM

    The average deployment time for PLOTIR basic solutions is less than one day.


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